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To protect your property from losing its value and marketability, maintenance is essential. It’s good practice to conduct regular inspections to fix minor damages than wasting money in the future. If you neglect to fix the small repairs, you might end up with major expenses of items that need replacing.

In this article, you’ll find out why it’s important to consistently maintain your Orlando, Florida property and ways to do so.

1. Monthly Extermination

Regular extermination must be conducted to prevent recurring rodent and insect proliferation. If this problem is not taken care of right away, they can multiply and cause major damage to the property. What’s more, tenants would move out if a pest problem is not addressed. Even if you think that the problem is already settled, this extermination must continue every month.

It’s best to hire a professional to conduct the extermination for a more thorough cleanup. This way, you can also build a professional relationship with the pest control company. They might offer you a lesser price if you do business with them over and over with multiple properties.

2. Water Damage and Leaking

Water leakage can be very inconvenient because it can result in flooding that requires massive cleanup. If you want to escape the hassle of water damage, check for leaks after heavy rain and on humid days. Always check for water stains around the walls, ceilings, and floors. Inspect if there are swollen drywalls where moisture tends to gather. Wreckage of the roof can also be a sign of water damage.


It’s essential to detect the early signs since expenses can run high for this type of damage. Mold can also form which is sometimes considered to be hazardous to your health. Therefore, you should always be vigilant for signs of water damage.

3. Shower Caulk and Grout Between Tiles

The bathroom area requires frequent maintenance, as it is where water is nearest. Check for holes and cracks to ensure a waterproof seal. To prevent mold from forming and water leaks, a consistent inspection must be focused on the caulk and grout. Seal the grout and keep dampness at bay by wiping the shower walls and shower floors after bathing.

4. Filters in Air Systems

It’s a good practice to have your air conditioning unit professionally cleaned. Twice a year, filters from your cooling or heating system must be replaced to prevent them from clogging. If the filters are dirty, they can result in damage or high utility bills.

A calculator lying side of a basket full with receipts

This is because the unit systems need to operate more to produce more coolness or heating. You also want to safeguard tenants from paying high utility bills. This might be a big factor for them to move elsewhere.

5. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Check both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors each month to ensure they’re in good working condition. These are safety devices and must be constantly working to serve their purpose. If a fire breaks out and it fails to function, you could face a potential lawsuit. Replace these devices whenever necessary. Typically, carbon monoxide detectors last 5 years. Smoke alarms can last up to 10 years.

6. Clean Gutters

Checking the gutters must be part of the routine checkup. Leaves and other debris can quickly block the water flow and cause water damage.


Again, fixing is bound to be costly. It’s better to monitor the state of your gutters frequently especially after heavy rainstorms. Clean them to prevent water leaks from occurring.

7. Flush Water Heater

Water heaters must be drained annually or twice a year. This is to prevent clogging which can cause inefficiency. This is a way to minimize your expenses since a replacement can be expensive.

8. Keep Basements in a Balanced Temperature

During cold winters in some cities, basement temperatures can reach below zero resulting in frozen basements. When pipes burst or freeze and there’s no running water, this can become an emergency situation. Not to mention, it’s also an expensive crisis.

Water damage can be particularly stressful so it’s best to incorporate an inexpensive solution beforehand. You can purchase thermostat-enabled plugs that will connect to your space heaters. This will balance the temperature in your basement preventing you from additional costs.

9. Garage Door Repairs

When a garage door malfunctions, it can be frustrating to a tenant especially during inclement weather. Nobody wants to get stuck outside or for his or her car to be unsheltered during a strong rainstorm. Damaged garage doors can also be safety concerns and may injure kids and pets.


Another thing to think about is the security issue. It would be easy for intruders to access the property, the car, and the belongings stored in the garage. Deal with this right away by contacting an electrician or a professional handyman to fix the issue.

10. Tree damage and electrical wires

It’s also important that you are wary of the outdoors surrounding your property. Check that trees and large plants do not pose a threat.

Electrical wires must be kept away to safeguard the tenants and people walking around the property. You can hire landscapers to ascertain that the foliage is always neat and controlled. This is a cheaper alternative than the damages that will result from fallen trees and power line dangers.

The Bottom Line

Always prioritize maintenance checkups and carry a checklist to make sure you have inspected the property well. Don’t wait until something is broken before you fix it even if you have a budget for repairs. This saves you money and most damages are easily preventable if you took the time to consistently inspect your rental property. Always be proactive and diligent to safeguard yourself against potential legal issues due to negligence. Even if everything seems to be in good condition, you must remain attentive and cautious to protect your tenants and your property.

A well-maintained property also increases in value. It’s easy to market even in low season and tenants would always choose to stay in well-maintained units. Thus, a steady income is guaranteed through tenant loyalty obtained from consistent property upkeep.

If any of this seems daunting to you, don’t be reluctant to contact us at Warner Quinlan today!