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How to Write a Good florida Property Listing

In order to attract prospective tenants or buyers to visit your property, you need to entice them with a good property listing. This may seem like a challenge, especially when you want your property to stand out from the thousands of other listings online. However, as long as you include specific information to capture the interest of prospective tenants, you’ll find success. 

You’ll want to make sure your property listing is detailed but that it doesn’t exceed the word count available on the listing site. People generally have fairly short attention spans as well, so creating a shorter listing will help you maximize your opportunity to turn anyone who clicks on your listing into a prospective tenant. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of writing a good property listing. 

The Benefits of a Good Property Listing

Creating a good property listing will increase your chances of finding more prospective tenants. The more interested applicants you can receive, the higher chances of landing a quality tenant you’ll have. Or if you’re selling your property, you have a higher chance of getting the bid price that you want. 

If your rental listing isn’t getting a lot of interest, you’re more likely to settle for a tenant or a sale price that isn’t ideal. This is why it’s important to write the best property listing that you can. 

Information to Include in Your Property Listing 

When writing a property listing, you should include the following information to attract prospective tenants: 

details in property listing

1. Details of property features

To attract interest to your listing, you’ll want to include a list of the property’s features. Lists are easy for viewers to scan quickly while providing a lot of valuable information. You should answer the following questions in list format:

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms does your property have?
  • What is the square footage of the property?
  • What appliances does the property have? Include brand names if you think they are a good selling point. 
  • What kind of kitchen countertops does the property have?
  • Does the property have wood flooring?
  • What upgrades have you recently done to the property?
  • Are there luxury features that make the property stand out from others?
  • What amenities are available around the property’s local neighborhood?
  • Where is the property located?
  • Is the property nearby any public transportation?
  • Does the property have a garage or parking space?
  • Is the property located near local attractions?

When writing these descriptive list points, you will want to use the right adjectives. Make them specific and avoid those with negative connotations. By focusing on various positive and unique features of your property you can help prospective tenants or buyers to differentiate your property from others. 

2. Honest descriptions

The real estate industry is competitive by nature. While you want your listing to be competitive, you should avoid lying or exaggerating details at all costs. Maintaining your reputation as a landlord or seller will help you in the long-run.  

You should avoid using cliches in your property descriptions as well. Use concrete and realistic descriptions to give people an accurate idea of what the property is like. However, if your words are too general or bland, you’ll risk losing the attention of prospective tenants or buyers. Find a balance between the two to protect your reputation while attracting people to your property 

3. High-quality photos

Quality images tend to capture people’s attention faster so when publishing a property listing, include professional, high-quality photos. Include pictures of the features you detail so that viewers can get a visual idea of what you’re talking about. In each photograph, you should ensure you’ve done the following:  

  • Used good lighting, particularly natural light. 
  • Presented the subject of your image well. 
  • Professionally cleaned the subject of the image to ensure it’s clean. 
  • Added appropriate furnishings. 

Take Time to Proofread Your Listing 

It’s important not to forget to proofread your listing before posting. Check for misspellings so that you stand out from other listings and don’t receive a reputation for being uneducated or unprofessional. You may also want to enlist the help of a secondary editor, to ensure that your listing is immaculate. 


As a marketing tool, property listings are extremely effective. However, to find success with your listing, you need to include relevant details, honest descriptions, and high-quality images. You also need to proofread your listing thoroughly before posting it.  

To ensure you’re marketing your property effectively, contact TrustHome Properties. We can help you reach the tenants or buyers that you need! You can visit our website https://trusthomeproperties.com or call us at (407) 204 0839.