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One question we get asked a lot is “What tips do you have for a landlord who wishes to list their rental property and advertise it for rent?” I’ve done this list and I call it 5 Tips for Listing My Rental Property.

Video/Moving Photos
You should bank on using video. Video is the modern way to advertise — it’s what everyone wants to see – it’s what tenants ask for. They want to see a video of what the property is like inside.

If you don’t have a video, try using moving photos. There’s a number of photo editing software to make your photos pop with color, and others that allow you to produce a moving slideshow that pans back and forth to simulate a video. It’s not quite as advanced as video, but it’s not far off.

We recommend a video and moving pictures as a combination, as it gives a better presentation and gives the tenant a better idea of the space in the property.

20+ Still Photos
Always put on more than 20 still photos. The more still photos, the better. When a tenant is looking over your rental advertisement, they will feel happier the more photos you present them. Because they feel you have nothing to hide and that you’re trying to inform them on how good your rental property is. So we recommend 20 still photos.

You might also consider hiring a videographer or photographer who is specialized in real estate listings. There are many companies that you can find on the internet. If you search “Real Estate Photographers”, wherever you live you can find these services around. They may charge you anywhere from $150 – $300 depending upon what service you require.

Sequence The Advertisement
Rather than having 20+ random still photos in all different orders, or taking a video of the property in a disjointed way, have a sequence. The sequence we recommend is:

A street shot outside of the immediate property including the yard
A photo of the front door as you walk in
Living Room
Dining Room
Master Bedroom/Bathroom
Etc. . .
This list hits the most important items first; what tenants want to see. The number one thing that renters look for is modern and spacious kitchen with good appliances. If you have multiple bathrooms, show ALL the bathrooms. Show everything in the best light you possibly can. Show any special features like a swimming pool, the outside view, community center, gate entrance, etc. . .

This is very key. We often review videos that owners have done; there’s nothing wrong with the photography, they’ve sequenced the video correctly, but in the corner there’s a toilet seat left up. These are small items that can turn off a prospective tenant to your property: Dogs in pictures, unclean carpets, trash or food on counters, or children’s toys in the background. These things cheapen the presentation that you’re trying to put forward and ultimately make it unprofessional.

Often one of the main questions you will be asked is “Do you take pets?”. Pets are a main discussion with owners on how to market their property. If you are willing to allow pets on the property, then put that in the description of the advertisement. Something along the lines of “Small pets considered” or “Pets considered”. Don’t just put “No pets”. If you don’t want dogs or cats, but are willing to allow a goldfish . . . that’s a pet! So put “Small pets considered”.

In the U.S, most families have some form of pet. If you say no pets, you’ve now lost about 7/10 inquiries. This wastes their time and it wastes your time. Wasted time means vacancy, and vacancy costs you money.