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Orlando Property Management Services – We Guarantee Results

We don’t just make promises;
at TrustHome Properties, we make guarantees.

1. Contract Guarantee

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Long term contracts can be a barrier, so we operate a month to month management agreement with no termination fee. There’s no reason not to try our services!

2. Management Fee Guarantee

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We believe that if we can’t collect the rent, then we shouldn’t get paid. You only pay us a management fee if we successfully collect rent.

3. Leasing Fee Guarantee

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You don’t pay us a leasing fee until we have a successfully executed lease AND money paid from tenants.

4. Tenant Placement Guarantee

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If we place a tenant in your property that we have screened and they break their lease in the first six months, we will
re-lease the property at no charge to you. You don’t pay twice!


5. Property Inspection Guarantee

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We perform periodic internal and external inspections at your property. We will get eyes inside your property a minimum four times a year.

6. Rent deposit guarantee

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We know you want your rent money, so we securely ACH your tenant’s rent direct into your bank account between the 10th and 15th of each month.

7. Eviction Guarantee

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Our tenant screening is so tight; for a small fee we will reimburse you up to $2500 of eviction expenses and up to two months of lost rental income.

Better Properties. Better Tenants. Better Management.

For 50 years, we have been the leading name in Orlando property management.

Our leadership comes from professionalism, knowledge, and experience. We meet the needs of long term investors and out-of-state owners.

Our team has over 75 combined years of property management experience. We’re always available to provide you with the professional services necessary to manage your investment property.

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Marketing, Leasing, and Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

Marketing and Advertising your Greater Orlando Rental Property

The first step in our marketing process is to visit your property and conduct a 360-degree Virtual Tour. We’ll take professional marketing photos and post your property on all of the most popular rental websites.

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Placing Orlando Tenants Guaranteed to Perform

At TrustHome Properties, we carefully follow all fair housing guidelines when marketing properties and placing tenants. Each applicant goes through a thorough and intense screening process. We look at:

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Protecting and Maintaining Orlando Investment Properties

Your tenants can easily submit routine maintenance requests through their online portal, providing us with the documentation we need to monitor and protect the condition of your investment.

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Eviction and Rent Protection for Your Peace of Mind

It is unfortunate, but the possibility of unexpected expenses are a risk for every investor. Evictions and lost rent are often written off as the cost of doing business. We don’t believe that.

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TrustHome Properties provides peace of mind to rental property owners in the Greater Orlando area by offering our Eviction Protection Plan and Rent Protection plan.

Our Eviction Protection Plan

When we place a pre-screened tenant into your rental property and an eviction becomes necessary due to non-payment of rent, we will cover the cost of the eviction and regaining possession of the property. In other words – we stand by the tenants we place.

Our Rent Protection Plan

In the unlikely event it becomes necessary to begin eviction proceedings against a tenant placed by us due to delinquencies, the Eviction Protection Plan would cover the legal costs of the eviction. But there is also the significant issue to a landlord of the lost rental income. This is where the Rent Protection Plan helps with contributing towards the lost rental income.

Evictions in the Central Florida area can take a period of several weeks, sometimes more during certain times of the year. During this time, you will not be collecting rent. This period of no rental income can hurt owners who still have ongoing costs like mortgages or repairs. Thus, our EPP and RPP are a valuable tool for landlords when owning and running a rental.

For total assurance, we recommend our property owners combine the Eviction Protection Plan and Rent Protection Plan for the modest cost of only $15 per month.


How Much Rent Can You Charge?

Free Rental Analysis for Properties in Orlando, Celebration, Davenport, Kissimmee, Lake Nona, Oviedo, Poinciana, Altamonte Springs, University of Central Florida, Hunters Creek, Windermere, Winter Park, Winter Springs, and surrounding areas.

Our leadership in the local real estate market means we know the trends, we understand the challenges, and we help owners and investors earn as much rent possible on their properties. We'll conduct an in-depth market analysis to ensure you have the right rental value for your property. The result? Lower vacancy costs and consistent rental income. The rent we advertise will attract the best tenants and ensure your property is rented quickly.

Orlando Property Management Fees Pricing –
How We Provide More Value

Every investment property is different. Maybe you want us to focus on leasing and accounting. Maybe you are outside of the state or even out of the country, and you know that you need qualified and experienced Orlando property managers to take care of every detail associated with your rental property.

At TrustHome Properties, we believe you should name your price. Let us know what you need and how we can help. There’s a pricing level that matches. We’ll customize our plans to provide you the most value for a competitive fee.

Watch Over a Vacant Property
Watch Over a Vacant Property Vacancy Management 0% Monthly Management $79 a month Contact us for more information
For The Cost Conscious
Most Popular For Rental Owners
Additional Protections Included
Tenant Placement Fee
100% of 1st Month's Rent
Tenant Placement Fee
75% of 1st Month's Rent
Tenant Placement Fee
50% of 1st Month's Rent
0% Monthly Management Fee 7.9% Monthly Management Fee 9.9% Monthly Management Fee
  Market Rent Analysis & Report
Market Rent Analysis & Report
  Internet Marketing/Virtual Tour
Internet Marketing/Virtual Tour
  Tenant Screening/Background Checks
Tenant Screening/Background Checks
  Attorney Prepared Lease
Attorney Prepared Lease
  Rent Collection
Rent Collection
  Lease Enforcement
Lease Enforcement
  Accounting & Monthly Statements
Accounting & Monthly Statements
  24/7 Online Owner Portal
24/7 Online Owner Portal
  24/7 Online Tenant Portal
24/7 Online Tenant Portal
  Move-In Inspection
Move-In Inspection
  Move-out Inspection
Move-out Inspection
  Tenant/Lease Guarantee
Tenant/Lease Guarantee
  Periodic Mid-Lease Inspections
Periodic Mid-Lease Inspections
  Legal Notices
Legal Notices
  Debt Collection
Debt Collection
  Property Condition Report
Property Condition Report $125
  Rental Protection Plan (RPP)
Rental Protection Plan (RPP) $9
  Eviction Protection Plan (EPP)
Eviction Protection Plan (EPP) $15

Incentives available for multiple properties

Minimum monthly fee: $75

These fees are a general guide for our most requested services.

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A Property Management Guide For Orlando Landlords

Click the button below for a free download of our eBook, which explains the Orlando rental market and helps investors from out of town plan for the properties they will ultimately purchase, and prepare for short term gains and long term success.

Explore the complex world of Orlando Property Management with our FREE eBook

  • Understand what it takes to find the right investment property.
  • Learn what to look for in an Orlando property management company.
  • Discover the value a property manager can bring.

What Types of Properties Do We Manage in Orlando?

An image taken at evening of a single story blue house.TrustHome Properties can provide property management for a property like this

Single-Family Homes in Desirable Orlando Neighborhoods

We know where to find the most desirable Orlando neighborhoods. We manage homes in areas that tenants want to live; with good schools and easy commuter routes. We’ll maintain and protect the single-family homes you buy and rent out to long-term residents.

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Multi-Family Buildings with High Income Potential

Multi-family investment properties are an excellent way to drive up cash flow and keep costs down on maintenance and upkeep. We’ll expertly manage your multi-family units in a building of 20 homes or less.

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Investments from Non-Local Owners

If you don’t live in Orlando, TrustHome Properties is the local property management resource you need to care for and protect your investment, whether you have one property or an entire portfolio. We take care of every detail.

What Is it Like to Have Us Manage Your Rental Property?

When your investment home is managed by TrustHome Properties, you have access to tools and resources that will make you more money and keep your costs contained. Our targeted and strategic leasing process will reduce your vacancy costs, find you a more qualified tenant, and keep you protected with a strong and legally compliant lease.

Our management and maintenance plans will ensure your home remains in excellent condition and its value continues to appreciate. We’ll inspect your property and document its condition regularly, providing you with inspection reports and photographs.

There’s no need to worry about accounting bookkeeping, financial reports, or tax forms. Our innovative software program tracks all of the income and expenses associated with your investment.

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Orlando is a large and growing metropolitan area that attracts tourists, companies, businesses, academic scholars, elite entertainers, professional athletes, and tenants who need homes. With a warm climate year round and a drive of less than two hours to each coast of Florida, people are finding a high quality of life and an affordable way to buy and rent property.

In Orlando, it’s possible to get an advanced degree, visit a museum, watch a concert, and enjoy a professional basketball game. People love visiting, and they especially love staying. It is an outstanding investment market for real estate investors from all over the world.

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Areas We Serve in Central Florida

We manage real estate all over Orlando, Lake Nona, Davenport, Oviedo, Kissimmee, and Winter Park.

TrustHome Properties is the undisputed property management leader in Central Florida. We have a keen understanding of the local market, including experience with nuanced neighborhoods like Medical City and the regions surrounding UCF. We bring industry-wide resources and best practices to our local properties, providing investors with the most innovative property management solutions.

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